How to Honor Your Cat’s Inner Lion

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Your Cat’s Wild Ancestors

When it comes to feline nutrition, cats are described as obligate carnivores. This means that meat (as well as poultry or fish) is an essential ingredient as cats rely on nutrients found only in animal products as a part of their daily diet to maintain overall health.

African Wildcat

African wildcat (Felis silvestris)

Cats in the wild are skilled hunters and very adept at stalking, pouncing and capturing prey to feed themselves. Hence, freshly-caught raw protein sources are recognized as the mainstay of the feline ancestral diet. And, because domestic cats are distant relatives of the African wildcat (Felis silvestris lybica) the biological need for meat remains crucial in a domestic cat’s diet too.

What About Raw?


We all want to give our cats the best nutrition available so that they not only enjoy their food but maintain good health with lots of energy as well as their fabulous, furry good looks. Pet parents have plenty of options for nutritionally-balanced, high-protein, grain-free wet and dry food varieties that give our cats the essential ingredients they need; however, there are some unique benefits to incorporating raw meat into a cat’s meal rotation. Raw meat retains additional minerals and vitamins that may not be available once the meat is cooked. Also, raw meat offers an aroma and texture that many cats find irresistible.

Pros and Cons

We may be well-aware of the benefits of a cat’s ancestral diet, but freshly-caught raw prey isn’t usually on the menu! For anyone leading a busy life, trying to balance all of your different responsibilities and feeding your cat a completely raw diet can be a challenge. 
It can be really tough being a feline nutritionist in your own kitchen. Trying to determine the right amounts of fresh food – whether it’s meat, poultry or fish—is quite an undertaking to confidently ensure your cat is getting the right amount of nutrients. 
And then there’s the safety risk of preparing and serving raw food. It’s hard to ensure that kitchen surfaces are completely sterile to avoid cross-contamination. It’s a fact of life—bacteria lurk everywhere! 
Furthermore, feeding a completely raw diet can be messy if your cat has a propensity to drag her food out of her food bowl to eat elsewhere. Finally, there’s the cost factor as purchasing high-quality cuts of meat can get expensive.

A Happy Medium

The latest technology available in the pet space has allowed some brands to address the challenge of producing an authentic feline ancestral diet in a shelf-stable final product. Freeze-drying raw meats, poultry and fish is a safe, convenient way of offering cats the taste and benefits of raw protein as a part of their regular, everyday diet. 
The new Wellness CORE RawRev for cats is a great alternative to a completely raw diet.

Wellness CORE RawRev

CORE RawRev for cats

The product contains nutritionally-balanced, high-protein, grain-free kibble combined with 100% pure, freeze-dried raw meat. These raw pieces are incredibly tasty and offer a boost of additional protein, providing enzymes and minerals in their most natural state.

Wellness CORE RawRev cat freeze dried turkey 

Pure, freeze-dried raw meat pieces in CORE RawRev for cats

This combination creates a flavor-rich, nutrient-dense meal that supports lean muscle, a healthy weight and provides a bit of extra energy so your cat can have more fun hunting and pouncing on her favorite toys!  Additionally, these high-quality nutrients enhance your feline’s shiny, healthy coat and overall good looks.
Because the freeze-dried raw pieces are mixed in with the kibble, it’s easy to serve – no mess. Also, cats have a great sense of smell, so the intense aroma of these 100% raw meat bites are a great way of encouraging finicky eaters to the food bowl!
It also turns meal times into a treasure hunt allowing your feline to sniff out and savor the raw morsels, giving her an opportunity to hone her innate pounce and prey skills, albeit in the food bowl.




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