America’s Most Pet-Friendly Companies Revealed

  1. Kimpton Hotels (San Francisco, CA) At every Kimpton boutique hotel, the pet policy is a simple one: if the pet can fit through the hotel doors, they’re welcome to stay. At a minimum, all 60 hotels provide water bowls, treats, pet beds, toys and pooper-scooper bags. Some have Directors of Pet Relations (pets!) who greet guests and test the pet amenities.
    via Kimpton, Adela Lee

    via Kimpton, Adela Lee


  1. Tradesy (Santa Monica, CA) The peer-to-peer marketplace has over 30 dogs that come to work on a regular basis. Dog owners choose a dog “buddy” who promises to help watch or walk their pup on busy days or during meetings. They also feature a Pup of the Month and have quarterly Dog Owner Town Hall Meetings where all of the dog owners get together to plan fun events. It also offers pet insurance as part of its benefits program.
    Tradesy Pet Friendly company

    Via Tradesy


  1. Life is Good (Boston, MA; Hudson, NH) Dogs are an integral part of the day to day team at Life is Good. The company says that dogs are not only humans’ best friends, but best co-workers—they encourage employees to get up from their desk for quick breaks and connect people who otherwise might not get to know each other.
    Life is Good pet friendly company

    Via Life is Good


  1. HubSpot (Cambridge, MA)Its headquarters is dog-friendly, and you’ll often see pups wandering the halls with their owners, including the company’s CEO and his dog Romeo. This year, the software company put out a “PupSpot” calendar featuring dogs from the office, and donated a portion of the proceeds to local animal shelters.
    Hubspot Dog Friendly Office

    Via HubSpot


  1. Kurgo (Salisbury, MA) – Kurgo, which makes apparel, gear and accessories for dogs, not only allows pups in their offices, but features them on the company website, too! They include Garp, “The Escape Artist,” and Baxter, “The Office Lap Dog,” among many other pup-loyees.
    Kurgo pet friendly company

    Via Kurgo


  1. Clif Bar & Company (Emeryville, CA) The company is in its 25th year as a business, and they’ve had a dog-friendly headquarters since its start. The reason? The company says it helps employees live full, complete lives at work, creates community, and helps people save time and money.
    Clif Bar Dog Friendly Office

    Via Clif Company


  1. Etsy (Brooklyn, NY) Its dog-friendly office policy has been in place since Etsy began in 2005, and it’s one of the ways the company strives to maintain a casual, creative, and inspiring work environment. The online marketplace says it keeps spirits high and fosters a sense of community and connection.
    Etsy pet friendlty company

    Via Etsy, Emily Andrews


  1. The Nerdery (Minneapolis, MN) In addition to allowing dogs in the company’s headquarters in Minneapolis and across offices in Phoenix, Chicago and Kansas City, the software company is also committed to pets in need. The Nerdery Foundation has had the opportunity to create pro-bono websites for 207 nonprofit organizations, including 10 pet-focused nonprofits.
    Nerdery pet friendly company

    Via Nerdery, Mark Ross


  1. Bitly (New York City) All of Bitly’s offices, in New York, San Francisco and Denver, are dog friendly on Take Your Dog to Work Day and every day of the year.
    Bitly pet friendly company

    Via Bitly

Pet Sitters International launched Take Your Dog to Work Day® in 1999 to celebrate the great companions dogs make and to promote their adoptions.




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