Artist Profile – Kelly Limerick

 About Kelly Limerick

Kelly Limerick is the pseudonym of Singaporean artist Kelly Lim. She first picked up crochet in 1997 when she was seven years old, then taught herself knitting, and has since been coming up with original designs for both crochet and knit. With yarn as her most familiar medium, Kelly often designs without set patterns to produce unique, one-off designs that are almost impossible to replicate. In 2013, she started a project entitled HANANA (a combination of ‘BANANA’ and ‘HANA’ (flower in Japanese), which explored mythical Japanese monsters and reconstructed them into abstract creations. This sparked off her love for ‘kimo-kawaii’ (きもかわいい) – a Japanese term meaning grotesque-cute – which has influenced her fantastical knitted art with its focus on textures and details. Combining her various techniques with the abstract images in her head, Kelly hopes to breathe life into her art, giving each piece a personality of its own.